Bobby Lake

I love heading up into the Cascades to explore the mountain lakes. They are so incredibly blue and -- to me -- they somehow seem closer to the sky than the lakes here in the valley. With so many lakes to chose from, there is always a new lake and a new trail to enjoy. This summer we hiked the trail to Bobby Lake. For people who want an easy, family-friendly hike, this trail is the ticket. The trail is wide, there is little elevation change, and it is only 2 miles each way. I like this kind of … [Read more...]

Hosmer Lake: Deschutes County

I can not tell you how beautiful Hosmer Lake is because I don't have the words, and it is possible that you may not even believe me. Hosmer Lake is one of those places that I sometimes hesitate to write about; I want to keep it a secret so it stays as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. However, with Hosmer the word is already out. I am just adding my voice to many, many others. The whole point for our recent Cascade Lakes Highway get-away in June was to canoe on Hosmer … [Read more...]

Sparks Lake: Deschutes County

Sparks Lake sits high in the Cascade Mountains at 5400' elevation. It is well known for its photographic opportunities, especially in the early morning when the South Sister, Broken Top, and Bachlor Butte reflect in the calm water. The views of the mountains from Sparks Lake are beautiful. We barely had our canoe in the water and I already had my camera out taking photographs and video.  I also loved the wildflowers growing along the shore in the large chunks of lava. Columbine, bleeding … [Read more...]

Sahalie and Koosah Falls

During a recent drive along the McKenzie River Highway, we stopped at both Sahalie and Koosah Falls to stretch our legs and take photographs. Of the two falls, Sahalie Falls is the most popular stopping point for travelers. This 73 foot tall waterfall is near the head of the McKenzie River (which originates at Clear Lake just a couple miles upstream), and you can hear the thundering water as you get out of your car in the nearby parking lot. Koosah Falls, just half a mile downstream from … [Read more...]

Enjoy the View: Postcard from Waldo Lake

Waldo Lake is one of the purest lakes in the world and happens to be only 80 miles east of Cottage Grove. With almost 10 square miles of lake to explore, there are plenty of boating, hiking, and camping opportunities. … [Read more...]