Canoeing Fern Ridge: Shore Lane Park

With the bits of sunshine we've been having lately, thoughts of canoeing have been dancing in my head. It'll be a couple months until we haul our canoe out again, but that doesn't matter, there's a great canoe spot up at Fern Ridge Reservoir I haven't told you about yet. Shore Lane Park, off of Clear Lake Road, is usually a pretty quiet place and the easy slope into the waters of Fern Ridge Reservoir make it an ideal place to put in a canoe. What I like about launching from Shore … [Read more...]

Paddling Dorena

I love getting out in our canoe. The world looks and sounds different when you're out in the middle of a lake or gliding along a shore line. This summer, we have been fortunate to paddle in some amazing places. Sometimes, though, it is nice to stay closer to home: to get out, paddle, and get home in just a couple hours.... that is when Dorena Reservoir comes in handy. I've seen people launch canoes at Harms Park, but I prefer paddling the upper end of Dorena Reservoir, in the channel along … [Read more...]

Hosmer Lake: Deschutes County

I can not tell you how beautiful Hosmer Lake is because I don't have the words, and it is possible that you may not even believe me. Hosmer Lake is one of those places that I sometimes hesitate to write about; I want to keep it a secret so it stays as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. However, with Hosmer the word is already out. I am just adding my voice to many, many others. The whole point for our recent Cascade Lakes Highway get-away in June was to canoe on Hosmer … [Read more...]

Sparks Lake: Deschutes County

Sparks Lake sits high in the Cascade Mountains at 5400' elevation. It is well known for its photographic opportunities, especially in the early morning when the South Sister, Broken Top, and Bachlor Butte reflect in the calm water. The views of the mountains from Sparks Lake are beautiful. We barely had our canoe in the water and I already had my camera out taking photographs and video.  I also loved the wildflowers growing along the shore in the large chunks of lava. Columbine, bleeding … [Read more...]

Siltcoos Canoe Trail: Florence

I have been intrigued by the Siltcoos Canoe Trail ever since I first heard about it. There is something about canoeing all the way to the ocean that fascinates me -- I'm not exactly sure why -- and experiencing the Canoe Trail has been on my mind for a couple of years. Of course, I was delighted when I discovered that my surprise birthday outing this summer was a trip to the coast so we could canoe the trail. Located  just south of Florence, the Siltcoos Canoe Trail follows the Siltcoos … [Read more...]