Alesong Brewing & Blending

Do yourself a favor. Just stop for a minute. Step off this treadmill we call life, get together with some friends, and relax for a bit. We recently did just that at Alesong Brewing & Blending, and I can't recommend it enough. I am not a beer aficionado. But I do love thoughtfully-crafted food, and I appreciate places that give an extra bit of attention to the details. Alesong is one of those places. I knew the minute we walked into the tasting room that we were in for a … [Read more...]

Andrew Reasoner Wildlife Preserve

Traveling along Lorane Highway earlier this summer, the sign for the Andrew Reasoner Wildlife Preserve caught our eyes. After a quick Google search on our smart phones we realized we had just discovered another place to explore in Lane County. The Andrew Reasoner Wildlife Preserve protects almost 300 acres of oak savanna, through a conservation easement to the McKenzie River Trust. I love oak savannas -- grass lands dotted by humongous oak trees -- but they are becoming increasingly rare in … [Read more...]

Territorial Tastings

Territorial Highway follows along the western edge of the lower Willamette Valley. Back in 1859, when Oregon became a state, it was part of a network of territorial roads which crisscrossed the valley and provided passage from the California border to the Puget Sound area in Washington. Today, Territorial Highway is a lazy back road, meandering past wineries, vineyards, alpaca and cattle farms, and rolling fields. We recently had the opportunity to spend a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon … [Read more...]

Siuslaw Falls

Just west of Lorane are the pretty stair-step falls of Siuslaw Falls. Located in a small, little-used county park, these falls are about 10 feet tall and 70 feet wide with a fish ladder located on the opposite shore. This out-of-the way spot might be a great place for a little fishing, a little playing in the water, and just getting away to explore something different. Given its close proximity to some great wineries, it might also make a good break while wine tasting. Getting to Suislaw … [Read more...]