Thanksgiving wine tasting in Elkton, Oregon

Every family has their Thanksgiving weekend traditions. For some, it is Black Friday shopping at the local mall, for others it might be a game of tag football or a hike with the family. For us, it is wine tasting. With few exceptions, the day after Thanksgiving finds us on a wine trail. Last year we headed south to the Roseburg area to sample wines at Glaser Estate, Becker, and Reustle. Other years we’ve traveled north to Dundee, Salem, or the Monroe area. Sometimes, we stay more local but the … [Read more...]

Oakland Wigwam Burner

Wigwam burners were popular in the middle of the last century as a way for the timber industry to dispose of waste wood. They replaced open-pit fires which were obvious fire hazards. Then in the mid-1970s they were phased out of use. Many were torn down; others have come down more naturally. Some people, like myself, enjoy seeing the few remaining ones still left in Oregon -- icons of a different era. Therefore, it was with delight that we stumbled across the Oakland wigwam burner last fall. … [Read more...]