Elkton Oregon: Wine Tastes Different Here

  Fall is here and, for me, it brings thoughts of wine tasting. Over the past 25 years or so, I feel like I've had a front row seat to the blossoming Oregon wine industry. With family and friends I've sampled wine in historic buildings in downtown Hood River, up dusty lanes lined with oak trees in Douglas County, amongst Christmas tree farms in the Willamette Valley, and overlooking the beautiful Applegate Valley outside of Grants Pass. With over 400 wineries located around the state, … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving wine tasting in Elkton, Oregon

Every family has their Thanksgiving weekend traditions. For some, it is Black Friday shopping at the local mall, for others it might be a game of tag football or a hike with the family. For us, it is wine tasting. With few exceptions, the day after Thanksgiving finds us on a wine trail. Last year we headed south to the Roseburg area to sample wines at Glaser Estate, Becker, and Reustle. Other years we’ve traveled north to Dundee, Salem, or the Monroe area. Sometimes, we stay more local but the … [Read more...]

Pass Creek Covered Bridge: Drain, Oregon

We drive through Drain on a fairly regular basis as we like to take this route to get to the coast. Sometimes a stop at Drain's Civic Center to walk through the Pass Creek Covered Bridge (also called the “Krewson Covered Bridge”) is just the ticket. I know from experience, though, that this covered bridge – painted brown and nestled within the trees – can be difficult to photograph. So the other weekend, with fall colors at their peak, we stopped by to see if we could capture some images which … [Read more...]

Drain Wigwam Burner

Wigwam burners are a quickly disappearing reminder of our timber history. At one point, they were known for spewing thick smoke into the air as they were used to incinerate wood waste in logging yards. Now, like our covered bridges, they are a reminder of our recent past. Although, unlike our covered bridges, there appears to be no organized movement to preserve them. For me, the wigwam burner just east of Drain is iconic of those I grew up with. Officially known as the “Smith River … [Read more...]