Bobby Lake

I love heading up into the Cascades to explore the mountain lakes. They are so incredibly blue and -- to me -- they somehow seem closer to the sky than the lakes here in the valley. With so many lakes to chose from, there is always a new lake and a new trail to enjoy. This summer we hiked the trail to Bobby Lake. For people who want an easy, family-friendly hike, this trail is the ticket. The trail is wide, there is little elevation change, and it is only 2 miles each way. I like this kind of … [Read more...]

Fawn Lake

I love hiking high in the Cascades amongst the lodgepole pine. The air smells so good, and the sun is hot and dry. The lakes seem bluer up there, complementing the brilliant blue sky. Ever since January, when I read about the Fawn Lake Trail while researching hiking options around Crescent Lake Resort, I've been looking for an opportunity to get up there and check it out. Last weekend it finally happened. Tucked into the Deschutes National Forest between Crescent and Odell Lakes, we … [Read more...]

Crescent Lake Resort

For a week we watched the weather forecast for the Cascades. Every day it was the same ... rain. We had plans to meet a friend at Crescent Lake Resort for lunch, chatting, and hopefully, a nice walk. I wasn't excited about the prospect of rain, but it did mean the roads would be clear. And, when it comes to lunch and chatting, we can easily cope with some rain. What we found was completely different... we found Sun!! And while the total lack of snow in the middle of January was rather alarming, … [Read more...]

Enjoy the View: Postcard from Waldo Lake

Waldo Lake is one of the purest lakes in the world and happens to be only 80 miles east of Cottage Grove. With almost 10 square miles of lake to explore, there are plenty of boating, hiking, and camping opportunities. … [Read more...]

Marilyn Lakes

We had the opportunity to head into the mountains last weekend. The snow is gone and it has been replaced by a plethora of wildflowers! Our destination was Gold Lake where we met up with some friends for a day of hiking and visiting. Gold Lake Campground is only an hour and a half from Cottage Grove, and it is an access point to many trails into the Cascade Mountains. We chose the easy Marilyn Lakes trail as our time together was more about talking and visiting than anything too … [Read more...]