Fairview Peak Lookout

Last weekend, I had a strong urge to “get out of town," so we loaded up our dogs and headed east toward Bohemia Mountain. Our first stop was Fairview Peak Lookout, about an hour and a half drive from Cottage Grove. The drive itself – up the Row River Valley and then up to Bohemia Saddle – is worth the trip alone. But my favorite part was the final stretch up Fairview Peak to the lookout tower. The gate on this final stretch was closed, which meant that we walked the last 1.2 miles. It … [Read more...]

Moon Falls

Initial weather forecasts for this weekend were sunny and warm; so earlier this week, we planned to spend Saturday outside enjoying the fall weather. Unfortunately, Friday ended up being foggy – a thick fog without an ounce of sunshine sneaking through – and forecasts for Saturday were for the same. We knew if we wanted to enjoy any sunshine we needed to get out of the Willamette valley. Saturday morning, with my cup of coffee in hand, I scanned my hiking books and a few select web sites. … [Read more...]

Enjoy the View: Postcard from Waldo Lake

Waldo Lake is one of the purest lakes in the world and happens to be only 80 miles east of Cottage Grove. With almost 10 square miles of lake to explore, there are plenty of boating, hiking, and camping opportunities. … [Read more...]

Marilyn Lakes

We had the opportunity to head into the mountains last weekend. The snow is gone and it has been replaced by a plethora of wildflowers! Our destination was Gold Lake where we met up with some friends for a day of hiking and visiting. Gold Lake Campground is only an hour and a half from Cottage Grove, and it is an access point to many trails into the Cascade Mountains. We chose the easy Marilyn Lakes trail as our time together was more about talking and visiting than anything too … [Read more...]

Flowers along the Trapper Creek trail

The Trapper Creek Trail was beautiful in mid-August. It is a highly recommended trail merely for the views of Trapper Creek and the scenic forest that you hike through. A bonus for me were the wildflowers. I was surprised by the number we saw in mid-August (a time when I usually assume that wildflowers will be dormant). We saw a few Little Pipsisewa (Chimaphila menziesii). These were along the lower portion of the trail and I did not see many, making me wonder if it prefers a … [Read more...]