Crawfish Lake Trail

Lately, one of my aims has been to explore the Brice Creek area and -- especially -- to get off the beaten trails. Of course Brice Creek Trail is always beautiful and Trestle Creek Trail is popular for good reason, but when I look at a map I see there are many more trails around Brice Creek. Where do they all go? I've often wondered. Early this year, my curiosity led us to Parker Creek Falls  and the strenuous Crawfish Trail, then a couple weeks ago we explored Marten Flume Trail and Crawfish … [Read more...]


Sometimes we just pack a lunch, load up the dogs, and head out on a drive with no special destination in mind. Yesterday was one of those days. My only hope was that we'd see some nice fall foliage and that I might get some nice photos. We did see nice foliage, but best of all, we stumbled upon a heli-logging operation -- something I've never seen before. It started when we heard the unmistakable sound of a helicopter while out in the middle of the forest. We stopped, rolled down the windows, … [Read more...]

Shoestring to Oakland: A scenic driving tour

Every couple years my partner and I like to take a little drive down the back roads from Cottage Grove to Oakland, Oregon. It is a great way to get out and see the rural country side, get a sense of the history of our region, and compare the two historic towns. The drive is fairly simple and just about 70 miles, round trip, from start to finish. It gives the opportunity to walk through the countryside, see the differences between the Douglas fir forests of the Willamette Valley and the Oak … [Read more...]