Willamette Valley Cheese Company: Salem

I love driving Oregon's back roads. You never know what you are going to find among the tractors, corn fields, and filbert orchards. Yesterday, it was Willamette Valley Cheese Co. We were somewhere west of Salem on our way to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville. The directions we had started out with turn out to be unreliable, so we were letting Google Maps guide us. I was enjoying our drive through the country with a golden fall sun lighting our way, when we turned a … [Read more...]

Johnson Farms: North Eugene

Nestled  just outside of north Eugene, where urban growth butts against farmland, sits Johnson Farms. Established in 1915, Johnson's is a century farm -- a farm that has been owned by the same family for over 100 years. Johnson's began when newlyweds Alfred Johnson and Oma Davis started growing vegetables and raising livestock to sale. The farm is now owned and farmed by their grandson, Walt Johnson who gets business help from his daughter, Amanda. I first became aware of the farm when Rick … [Read more...]

Grants Pass Get-Away

Earlier this summer, we stumbled across J. Scott Winery in downtown Eugene which sources many of their grapes from vineyards in the Applegate Valley in southern Oregon. We fell in love with the wines – especially the Albarino – and knew we wanted to explore the area in person, some day. When the opportunity for a long weekend recently opened up, we decided to head south to see what we could see. While there are many communities in southern Oregon, we picked Grants Pass as our base so we would … [Read more...]


Some times we get a wild idea and last week it involved the desire to buy fresh tuna at the coast. We had heard that tuna runs were good this year keeping tuna prices reasonable, so we did a little online research (notably at the Oregon Albacore Commission) and called places in Winchester Bay to see if tuna was available. It was not on the day we were going to be there. I have never seen tuna for sale in Florence so we did the logical thing – we drove to Charleston! Driving 100 miles (one … [Read more...]