Connecting the Present to the Past: History Here, Eugene

As traffic streams by along West 11th in Eugene, four brick workers from the J. Marsh Martin brickyard silently observe the bustle from their poster adhered to a metal utility box. Three feet wide by four-and-a-half feet tall, the poster is basically a large photograph with a brief description of the people and places within it. Taken in 1908, the photograph shows the men going about their daily lives making bricks for building local homes, yet at the same time, establishing the history for this … [Read more...]

Metal-Topped Tables at Apple Pie Antiques

Randy and Susie Deering stumbled across the idea for creating distressed metal-topped tables quite by accident. As they tell it, about 10 years ago, as they were unloading goods at an antique show, their aged galvanized-topped display table sold before they could even get it unloaded. Intrigued with the idea of creating more tables like it, Randy built on his 35 years of experience in furniture restoration, and began experimenting with ways to create a similar look using an acid etching … [Read more...]

Ellen Tykeson: Artist

I have always been intrigued by the sculpture of Opal Whiteley in the Cottage Grove library. Opal looks so happy running with the butterflies in our local forests (or, at least, that is how I interpret it). The artist who created Opal, Ellen Tykeson, calls it a “tribute to joy,” and it beautifully conveys this. It was by accident the other day when I came across Ms. Tykeson’s website. Ms. Tykeson is a local artist who also teaches classes at Lane Community College and Oregon State University. … [Read more...]