Pick it up. Pack it out.

Fishing line picked up along Dorena Reservoir

Fishing line picked up along Dorena Reservoir

While walking at Row River Nature Park recently, we found a baby Canada Goose that had become tangled in fishing line. Its parents swam nearby as we freed it, but I’m not optimistic about its survival. It did swim off and join its family, but the encounter left it tired and perhaps injured. It wasn’t swimming as fast or as well as it should have been.

Fishing line that trapped a baby goose

I know, it’s out of focus, but this is the line that the baby goose was tangled in. It doesn’t take much to do harm.

We walk our dogs every week, usually along some waterway in the Cottage Grove area, and every time I see fishing line, I stop to pick it up. I pick up a lot at Row River Nature Park (a.k.a. “the ponds”).

Fishing line can take 600 years to decompose. It poses a threat to all water fowl, turtles, fish, and anything that might get caught up in it, or accidentally eat it. And I can tell you from experience that it is really easy to pick up. If someone can carry fishing line to the ponds or river with their fishing gear, they can certainly carry it back out.


Eel Lake: Winchester Bay
Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Area: Sumpter, Oregon


  1. Not to mention how ugly it is. Good reminder for us to pay more attention to what we’re doing to the planet and its inhabitants.

  2. The li’l fella was definitely injured. The line was cut into one of its legs. Kinda makes me want to wrap high-gauge fishing line around that yahoo’s leg & pullllllll way tite. Pick up your line, anglers. And don’t leave lures stuck in trees, either. I like to fish; that right comes with responsibility.

    so there,

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