Pondering 2015

The other day, I wrote about the five most popular posts on this website for 2014 and it has me wondering … are there other types of posts you would like to see? I started this blog with the goal of “exploring life and the outdoors in south Lane County” so there is obvious room to expand what it covers.

Fall Creek Market

Cozy outdoor seating at Fall Creek Market

While I am open to all sorts of feedback, here are a few of the ideas I’ve been pondering….

Local eateries: We love food, and we especially enjoy places which are locally owned and operated. While I don’t have interest in rating food (there’s Yelp and Trip Advisor for that), I would be more than happy to give my general impressions. Fairly recent trips to Creswell Bakery and the deli in Corvallis — not to mention the plethora of great places right here in Cottage Grove — have me pondering adding these types of posts.

Coast Fork Farm Stand

Produce at Coast Fork Farm Stand in Cottage Grove

Local food: Adding posts about farm stands, food growers, and food producers would be fun for me. My blog post about tuna would be a good example of the type of information I might include. Beyond our annual trip to Deterings to pick fresh apples, other ideas include the “Fill Your Pantry” event up in Eugene, local U-pick places, and Camas Country Mill north of Eugene.

I would love to write about local artists and craftspersons. I know a fair number of talented local people and would love to expand my circle to include more. Last year I wrote about Randy Deering from Apple Pie Antiques for Oregon Community Connection. Randy creates beautiful metal-topped tables. I enjoyed talking with Randy about his craft and sharing photographs of his creations. Connecting with other talented people would be a joy for me, if you wanted to read about them.

Metal Topped Tables

Metal topped tables created by Randy Deering

Attracting wildlife to your garden. Over the years I’ve written occasionally about the wildlife in our garden, like the crows gathering tufts of dog fur to line their nest, or the Anna’s hummingbirds letting me know it is time to put out the feeder. I am passionate about bringing nature close and besides occasional stories about nature in our back yard I could talk about our attempts to make our yard friendly to all wildlife.

Whether we expand our topics or not, the goal is to have this blog be relevant and meaningful to the people reading it — that’s you! — so your input on what to add, if anything, is very much welcome. Please leave any and all comments below.

And, if you have suggestions for specific places we should go, sights we should see, and info we can share in 2015 please share those as well.

Historical Photographs: Online Resources
Parker Creek Falls


  1. Jan Bartunek says:

    I enjoyed all your posts in 2014 and am ready for more in 2015. I like the idea of restaurant reviews as well as buying local food. I live in Bend but I still come to the valley. If you ever want to expand your horizons over the mountains to Bend I’d be happy to be your guide. The 8 deer who like my front yard could be a start! They are like puppies. Thanks for your great blog.

    • Thanks Jan for the invite. I do want to get out to Bend soon. There is so much happening over there. And I’d love to see your deer. I’m okay with them in my yard as long as they stay away from the vegetable garden!

  2. The “local artists and craftpersons” idea sounds great. I’d be causcious about “bringing nature to you garden”: nature doesn’t care about cute; it would rather eat your garden.

  3. Rick Obst says:

    There are many great people in this area that do wonderful things, yet we don’t know about them. I would enjoy reading about locally-owned restaurants, farms, and businesses, artists, and local non-profits that make this area so special and unique and that we should be made aware of here.

    • Thanks Rick! Talking with local people who are doing amazing things (often totally under the radar) is so enjoyable. I’ll try to add more of that in what-ever new posts I do.

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