Merlin and Murphy Wigwam Burners

My blog posts about wigwam burners have taken on a life of their own. Every now and then the post about the “hunt for wigwam burners” will get a flurry of activity and a new set of comments, and I’ll know that some where out in the world of social media it got mentioned again.

Several weeks ago, Mike Machado posted photos of a wigwam burner in Merlin on the Facebook group “Lost in Oregon.” Those photos led to a conversation between Mike and myself, and he graciously allowed me to post some of his photos of the Merlin and Murphy wigwam burners here on the blog.

I’ve searched around the internet and can’t find much about the history of these two burners. They are located in southern Oregon outside of Grants Pass (check out the map on the “Hunt for Wigwams” post).

Mike’s photos are beautiful. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Merlin Wigwam Burner

Wigwam burner in Merlin

Wigwam burner in Merlin.


Inside Merlin burner

Inside the Merlin wigwam burner


Merlin spark screen

Looking up at the spark screen.


Murphy Wigwam Burner

Wigwam burner in Murphy

Against a dramatic sky, the wigwam burner in Murphy


Murphy wigwam burner

Murphy wigwam burner


Stairs and siding

Stairs and siding of the Murphy wigwam burner.


A huge thank you to Mike for sharing these beautiful photographs!

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  1. teri nelson says:

    I just posted a photo on my instagram of a wigwam/beehive burner – the one in Merlin. I wanted to get up close and personal with it but the mill is a working mill so… trespassing could of been a issue…
    I absolutely love the photos here – wow! Thank you for the article and pics-

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