Marten Flume Trail: Brice Creek

Marten Flume Trail sign

For me, part of the joy of hiking is exploring trails I haven’t been on before. Sometimes we return to an old stand-by, but usually when we want to go hiking, we pull out the map and look for a new place to explore. This is how we found Martin Flume Trail.

Marten Flume Trail (# 1419A) is a short loop trail near Brice Creek across the road from Lund Park. The trail is actually just a narrow path that twists and turns as it heads up and down along Marten Creek. The day we visited, we found ourselves scrambling over logs, skidding down hills, and crossing Marten Creek on rocks, all while gaping at the huge trees and enormous skunk cabbage.

Marten Creek

Trail crossing Marten Creek.

If parts of Brice Creek Trail are considered “moderately difficult” then I would consider Marten Flume Trail very difficult. The bonus is that I found it a truely enjoyable experience. It was very unlike anything else I’ve encountered in the Brice Creek Area. The bummer is that the trail is relatively short (about 3/4 mile). However, since it connects with the Adams Mountain Way Trail, you can extend your adventure, or you could do the Marten Flume Trail as part of a Brice Creek hike.

According to the little bit of history I could find, the trail is named after Marten Flume which came down the creek to Lund Park, at that time, known as “the Warehouse” and an important stop for travelers heading up to Bohemia Mountain.

Dog on Marten Creek Trail

Posing for a photo.

My photos did not turn out well, which is a bummer for me, but I think this is a trail needs to be experienced, so if you’re curious you’ll just have to head out there yourself. 🙂

To be clear, this is a difficult trail. My old dog needed a few boasts in some more difficult areas, like in the photo where the trail threads past some trees. I’ve already boosted him up a berm and there’s still a cut-out through a log left to go. I have to admit, too, that my knees weren’t particularly happy either. But since it is under a mile, I found it manageable.

How to get there: Drive east out of Cottage Grove on Row River Road for 19 miles to the junction of Layng Creek Road and Brice Creek Road. Stay right on Brice Creek Road and travel for another 7 miles to Lund Park Campground. Park at Lund Park (there is a parking fee) and walk back down the road a tad where you’ll find the trail on your left. It is so rarely used that the trail off the road is barely noticable in the grass. Marten Flume Trail will connect with the Adams way trail and a trail marker will point you back to Lund Park. Here’s a good map of the trail system there:

If you go, I’d love to know what you think….

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