Wigwam Burner Questions

People who have been following this blog for a while know that I have a fascination with wigwam burners as I have written about them quite a bit over the years. And, from the comments that I get, I can tell that many of you like them too!

On occasion, I write freelance articles for a local magazine called Oregon Community Connection. This past year, I’ve written about the wineries in Elkton, vacationing on the coast in the winter, and Specialty Aero (a small business in Creswell), among several others.

Oregon Community Connection has asked me to write an article about wigwam burners. While I have lots of ideas, I am wondering what you want to know about wigwam burners. I would also love to hear your memories about wigwam burners. Did you used to work in one? Do you remember them as a child? ……

Please leave comments here or email me at colette (at) mysouthlane (dot) com.


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  1. I’d love to see a world wide map on Google® with links to all the posts for “This Old Burner” with posts of stories, memories, photos, etc. and links about the burner. You have a good start going! I find it amazing watching videos with the old burners still hanging around or still in use. Just this week I spotted in the background via the miracle of youtube® burners in Latvia and Prince Rupert, BC. So how did they get the top spark arrester screen on? Did anyone ever really call them wigwams before 1980? “Hey Bob go out and check the fire in the wigwam” just doesn’t ring any bells with me. However, Bob go check the burner has me hearing ding, ding, ding, with the sound of the green chain loudly rattling

  2. Oh no missed the last punctation mark, the world will now stop, LOL.

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