Vivacity Fine Spirits: Corvallis


Co-owner Chris of Vivacity Fine Spirits in Corvallis

Walking into Vivacity Fine Spirits in Corvallis, the aroma of gin, juniper berries, Oregon grape, and other intoxicating fragrances delighted our senses. Everyone in my tasting party stopped just inside the front door, took a deep breath, and said “Wow”.

Last winter at the Good Earth Home and Garden Show in Eugene, we did our first “spirits tasting” at a booth for Vivacity Fine Spirits. At the time, we were just beginning to explore making cocktails and the thought of tasting spirits — like you’d taste a wine — had never occurred to me. We sampled some excellent gins that afternoon, but since I was a “newby” in this area much of it was lost on me. Fast forward to last weekend and it seems fitting that the first time we did a distillery tour we included Vivacity as the first stop.

Vivacity's Still

The still at Vivacity, named Jules Vern.

Stepping into the tasting room, we were greeted warmly by Chris, one of the owners. He gave us a tour of the work areas and explained their distilling process. Like our visit of Stillwagon Distillery in Charleston this summer, I was surprised with how much product can come out of such a small space. As I listened to Chris talk about the process of distilling and bottling, I was intrigued that every detail is done by hand. There are no machines here – each label on every bottle is put there by hand, each bottle is filled by hand, and each batch of gin, vodka, rum, or Turkish liqueur is distilled by hand.

Vivacity approaches distilling and creating spirits as an art and it is obvious as you tour the facility and taste the product; even the still, which they named “Jules Vern,” is a work of art. They also locally source as many products and ingredients as possible, including working with a local coffee house to find the just the right coffee beans and roasting process for their Turkish liqueur.

While tasting the Vivacity gins at the Home and Garden Show was a fun experience, it doesn’t begin to compare to the experience of touring the distillery, getting the opportunity to talk with one of the owners one-on-one, and sampling each of their products in the quiet company of friends.

Vivacity was the start of our self-guided distillery tour. We discovered it is conveniently close to McDonald-Dunn Forest/Peavy Arboretum where we had a picnic lunch — consisting of amazing sandwiches from Natalia’s & Cristoforos, an Italian deli in downtown Corvallis. From there we continued on to 4 Spirits Distillery in Adair Village and Crescendo! in Eugene. Other local distilleries which we’d like to explore in the future include Spiritopia next door to Vivacity and Hard Times in Monroe.

When we visited, Vivacity was only open the first and third Saturday of each month. I encourage you to visit their website ( for driving directions to the distillery and up-to-date information about distillery hours.

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  1. That looks like fun! We enjoy visiting local wineries/breweries/distilleries in our travels — we’ll definitely put this one on our list.

    • Hi Laurel, I have a good feeling about the distilleries popping up around Corvallis. It feels like something special brewing and taking hold there. Vivacity is a great place to start if you are in the area, it was a fun place to visit and the spirits were well crafted. Colette

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