Up close and personal

Last month I borrowed a very nice camera and an equally nice macro lens, then headed out to Bake Stewart Park to get up close and personal with the wildflowers out there. Actually, I took many trips to the park and spent numerous hours squatting and lying in the fields with the wildflowers… I still have an itchy rash from the poison oak to prove it.

I try not to gush on too much about wildflowers on this blog, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite shots. I love how the macro lens brings out the beautiful details in the wildflowers.





A flowering bush, which I have yet to identify.







Having the macro lens with me also encouraged me to see wildflowers I probably wouldn’t have noticed, such as these:


The flower head on this plant is incredibly small — without the macro lens I wouldn’t have seen the tiny, frilly pink petals. If anyone knows what this is, please leave a comment below.



This plant is new to me, a little research shows that it is a “Forktooth Ookow”



Upper Trestle Creek Falls
Fairview Peak Lookout


  1. Wow! Great photos, Colette. Look forward to seeing more.


  2. Nice composition and lighting. Love the one with the bee. Wish you’d included a photo of your poison oak.

  3. What beautiful shots. Maybe it’s time to invest in a really nice camera an macro-lens. You might have found your new calling. You do good work. Keep them coming. Jan.

  4. Beautiful! Love the unidentified flowering bush. Really unique.
    (I’m good with more “wildflower gushing”, BTW. 😉 )

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