The Charleston Marina

The Charleston Marina

Some times we get a wild idea and last week it involved the desire to buy fresh tuna at the coast. We had heard that tuna runs were good this year keeping tuna prices reasonable, so we did a little online research (notably at the Oregon Albacore Commission) and called places in Winchester Bay to see if tuna was available. It was not on the day we were going to be there. I have never seen tuna for sale in Florence so we did the logical thing – we drove to Charleston!

Driving 100 miles (one way) for fresh tuna, purchased at the docks and filleted as you watched wouldn’t always sound like an awesome idea, but it did over Labor Day weekend.

Our tuna being weighted and filleted

Our tuna being weighted and filleted.

It has been a long time since I’ve been south of Winchester Bay so the drive down was fun, and the busy little Charleston Marina was buzzing with activity. We found our tuna, watched as it was filleted, enjoyed the working boats sitting in the harbor, took photos of the harbor seals and diving seagulls, and then headed on our way.

Harbor seals and sea gulls monitor the progress of our tuna being filleted.

Harbor seals and sea gulls monitor the progress of our tuna being filleted.

There are other things to do in Charleston, so we made a day of it by including a walk at the South Slough Estuary and tasting rum at the Stillwagon Distillery (both adventures which will be featured in other blog posts) before heading home and cooking our fresh tuna outdoors on the grill. It was well worth the trip!


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  1. …and that tuna was some kinda good!

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