Siuslaw Interpretive Center: Florence

Suislaw Interpretive Center, Old Town Florence

Suislaw Interpretive Center, Old Town Florence

The next time you are in Old Town Florence, head to the west end of Bay Street and enjoy the new Siuslaw Interpretive Center. We’ve been watching this new park being developed for the past couple years, and during my last visit to Florence I discovered that the interpretive signs have finally been installed.

Though not large, the park provides a very nice view of the Suislaw River Bridge as well as the river itself. And the signs give a glimpse into the history of the river and the bridge, as well as local native plants. The park also includes a rain garden (also known as a bioswell) which naturally filters water runoff from the street before it flows into the river.

On the day we visited the park, it was sunny and warm with very little wind. After enjoying lunch at one of the downtown restaurants, we strolled over to the park, sat on one of the benches, and enjoyed the view while we talked. A wonderful way to enjoy downtown Florence.

Suislaw River Bridge in Florence taken from the Suislaw River Interpretive Center

Suislaw River Bridge in Florence

I’ll admit that it wasn’t until I got back home and started doing research that I learned from Christee over at that we missed part of the Interpretive Center. Ideally, I like to do my research before we head out, but often we explore in the moment, and in this case that means that we apparently missed a part of the Interpretive Center. The next time I’m in Old Town Florence, we’ll continue to walk west on Bay Street, under the bridge, to see the information signage and view from that section of the park as well.

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  1. I’m not aware of another place on the coast where you can get a fantastic view of a McCullough bridge so easily. Your pics are lovely, and thank you for sharing 100 Steps.

  2. karen e says:

    Looking forward to seeing this next year. I will add it to my list of places to see.

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