Resilient Oso Berry

It is hard to believe that just two weeks ago, this Oso Berry was covered in half an inch of ice. As we have been slowly getting our yard cleaned up from the damage of February’s ice storm, one thing I have noticed is that the native plants I’ve put in our garden appear to be unscathed.

Oso Berry

Oso Berry in flower

A native shrub in the Pacific Northwest, Oso Berry (also known as Indian Plum) is one of the first plants to leaf out and bloom in early spring. This early bloom is why I planted one in our yard. For me, nothing says “spring is coming!” like a mass of blooming Oso Berry. I’ve since learned that Anna’s hummingbirds use the nectar of the flowers and Robins and other birds eat the purple-blue berries that ripen in August; providing even more reason for me to keep it in our yard.

Do you have a favorite native plant in your garden?

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  1. Great job with the close-up. I have been checking on the Indian Plum blossoms everyday at Salem Audubon Nature Reserve to find one good enough to photograph. I think you are just far enough south to be ahead. Congratulations.

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