Log Roll – Turtle Style

Last weekend as we were walking with our dogs at the Row River Nature Park, I noticed that one of the turtle logs was wet while all the others were dry. We stopped for a second to observe and saw this:

I’ve never seen anything like it before, and hadn’t really thought about how the turtles can change the equilibrium of the floating logs.

Sorry, this isn’t the best video. The sun was shining on my camera screen so I didn’t get it focused on the best turtle. That, and we couldn’t stop laughing. But it is so unusual, I wanted to share it anyway.

Update evening of April 20:
It turns out the turtles are still on a roll down at the Row River Nature Park. We took this video this morning.

Hendricks Park: Rhododendrons
Padding the Nest


  1. Turtle entertainment! Mischievous little trouble maker. 😀
    Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That’s a great one! Never seen that either.

  3. In ancient Greek mythology, Sisyphus was punished by having to perpetually push a rock up a hill then watch it roll down iagin. …Like that.

  4. This is hilarious! Nice to see some of our native Western Pond Turtles having fun. Even if they aren’t having fun, it’s pretty dang amusing.

  5. Mel McGuire says:

    Here’s another log-rolling-turtles video I found on YouTube. Lots of turtles and funny how it ends: “Don’t anybody move.”

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