Lights on at Cottage Grove Museum

Cottage Grove Museum Lights

Cottage Grove Museum lit up for the holidays

We love seeing the lights on at the Cottage Grove Museum with its historic stained glass windows lit up for all to see.

Each of the windows in the museum — which was originally built in 1897 as the Catholic Church — depicts a unique symbol of Christianity. Seven of the eight windows are original and were imported from Italy over 100 years ago. In reading about the history of each window, you get a glimpse into the history of the Cottage Grove area. The window in the center of this photograph, for example, was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Jennings. Mr. Jennings was part owner of the Helena Gold Mine up in the Bohemia Mining District.

This photo was taken during the Museum open house, however the building will remain lighted through the holiday season, until New Years Eve, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings from dusk until 10pm.

The Cottage Grove Museum is at the corner of H and Birch Avenues.


Linn County Historical Museum: Brownsville
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  1. I see love and welcoming. Thank you for showing it and its life.

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