Thank You John Cooney

For many years, I commuted to Eugene for work every morning, Monday through Friday. Just after 7:30  on Thursday mornings, I always looked forward to John Cooney and the Natural World which played on KLCC. If you aren’t familiar with the Natural World you can hear archives of the show on the KLCC website.

I learned a lot from the Natural World over the years. Often the episodes left me feeling encouraged to get out and explore the places John visited. And, always, I enjoyed how John mixed the sounds of our natural world into his broadcasts.

Early in November, I learned John was in hospice, and I reflected on how much I enjoyed his show over the years. It made me realize how much listening to the Natural World had inspired me to find my own creative voice. Although I had never met him, I felt strongly compelled to let John know what an inspiration his broadcasts were, so I created a tribute podcast which I fashioned after the Natural World.

John has since passed away and in reading his obituary I discovered he was an inspirational man in many regards.

I wanted to share my podcast with you, and I’m curious …. what or who inspires you to enjoy the world around us?


Lights on at Cottage Grove Museum
Mosby Creek Covered Bridge -- Revitalized


  1. LOVE the podcast! The intermixed birdcalls are really creative. And your voice is very well suited to audio recording. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is such a beautiful tribute! And I agree, you have a wonderful voice and presentation. You asked about who inspires us — for me, Mary Oliver and her nature-inspired poems go straight to my heart and nourish my soul.

    • Thanks Laurel, I don’t read a lot of poetry and wasn’t familiar with Mary Oliver’s work so I cruised around the web for a while reading… I found this, which I love….

      “I went down in the afternoon
      to the sea
      which held me, until I grew easy.”

      which is from her book Red Bird. Very beautiful.

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