Frog for lunch, anyone?

With our summer heat, the water in the ponds at the Row River Nature Park is very low. I know from our dog walks down there that the Canada geese, coots, and other paddling birds have pretty much disappeared, while the wading birds are more noticeable.

The other morning I loaded up my camera and went down to the ponds to see what I could see. Turns out, I saw a lot of frog eating!

Juvenile green heron with its frog lunchThis bird, which I have identified as a juvenile green heron, spent a whole lot of time shaking its frog before finally eating it.


About to eat a frog at the Row River Nature Park.

While this bird, a different juvenile green heron, pretty much caught its frog then swallowed it, before setting out to look for another.

Frog hunting at the Row River Nature Park in Cottage Grove

I am always amazed at the wildlife we have seen at the Nature Park over the years. Many people know this area as the “fishing ponds” or just “the ponds.” But whatever you call it, it is an amazing park to have within our city limits.

South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve: Charleston


  1. Interesting difference in behavior for the same species.

  2. Yes. I was surprised when the second bird swallowed its frog pretty much right after catching it. For the first, there was tons of shaking. Hard to know why there was such a difference, but it was fun to see, and not something I would have stood around to observe if I hadn’t been taking photographs.

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