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Crescendo-LinomcelloLimoncello is a liqueur made from lemons. It has its origins in southern Italy and if you’ve visited Italy you may have experienced it, especially if you got further south into the boot. Luckily, you don’t have to visit Italy to have handmade limoncello, instead you just need to drive out west 11th in Eugene and visit Crescendo!

We visited Crescendo! during their grand opening and found them located behind a nondescript door, in a nondescript industrial complex. As such, we were pleasantly surprised with their cute tasting areas and their handmade limoncello, limecello (a liqueur made from limes), and arancello (liqueur made from oranges).


Crescendo! from the outside and the inside tasting area

In Italy, you’ll be offered a limoncello as an after-dinner digestivo. Here in America, while you might serve limoncello very cold at the end of dinner — think outside after a warm summer day — we also use it a lot in cocktails and Crescendo! has developed a full line of cocktail recipes which complement the flavors of their liqueurs.

crescendo-liqueursMy friends and I enjoyed our visit to Crescendo! where we had the opportunity to talk with the owner, Kyle. Kyle creates each batch of liqueur by hand, from individually zesting each piece of citrus, to labeling and bottling the liqueur. Of course we  tasted each of the liqueurs, and as an added bonus, Kyle also had a range of other spirits on hand, so that we could sample the limecello, for example, with a splash of gin, and the arancello with a splash of bourbon.

Our visit to Crescendo! ended our 1st ever distillery tour which started in Corvallis with Vivacity Fine Spirits and 4 Spirits Distillery. However, a stop by Crescendo! would be fun any time you are out with friends and might be especially fun this holiday season. The liqueurs are tasty and would make excellent gifts for friends, family or yourself. At the same time, you would be supporting a local company just getting their feet under them. For directions and open hours, please visit their website:

4 Spirits Distillery: Corvallis


  1. Happy Holidays Colette! You really know how to spread the seasons good cheer!

  2. Oh yummy! I’ve had limoncello (I’ve actually made it) but not arancello. That sounds delicious and very festive for the holidays. Another great find in Corvallis!

    • Hi Laurel — I’ve actually made limoncello too, but Kyle’s is way better. We liked the arancello so much we brought a bottle home. It is like orange in a bottle. Next time you are in Eugene you should check them out.

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