Sandhill Cranes

It  may have been cold today, but it was sunny, and I am so glad I was enticed to take a break this afternoon for a dog walk. We chose to stretch our legs at Dorena Reservoir. It was a good choice because we got to see — and better yet, hear — a small flock of sandhill cranes fly overhead and then land on the grassy flats of the lake bottom.

Luckily, Sandhill Cranes are large — about 4 feet tall with a wing span of 6-7 feet — otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see them very well in my video. The point of the video, though is so you can hear them. It was quite impressive.

A little google research and I’ve discovered that Sandhill Cranes are quite common up on Sauvie Island just outside of Portland. This is my first time seeing them at Dorena, and I am delighted I got to hear them in flight.

Thanksgiving wine tasting in Elkton, Oregon
Cushman Railroad Bridge


  1. Cool video!

  2. Mrs Random says:

    That was lovely! What a haunting sound it is. And nice video!

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