Heather Garden


Cottage Grove Heather Garden

Tucked into a bend in the road near the Cottage Grove Community Hospital is Cottage Grove’s own Heather Garden. Planned and maintained by the Oregon Heather Society, the heather garden is inspiration for anyone interested in growing heathers, and I’ve always found it to be a bright spot regardless of the time of year.

Heathers are small, evergreen shrubs which are also sometimes called “heath” (if you would like to know the difference between heather and heath, Genevieve at North Coast Gardening describes it well). They provide year-round color from white, red, pink, and purple flowers, and sometimes very colorful foliage. This means the Heather Garden always has color, even in winter. Our Heather Garden was planted in 2004, so the plants are mature and well spread out. A bonus of heathers is that once established they are low-maintenance plants which are deer resistant.

I like to walk through the Heather Garden whenever I stop by the Community Hospital, and I imagine if you are waiting for someone there, it would be far preferable to a waiting room chair. It is also very close to Territorial Seed Company and the gardens at the Village Green, which would make a nice tour on a sunny afternoon.

Color throughout the year.

Color throughout the year.

Logistics: Head out Row River Road and turn left Thornton Lane (just across from the Village Green). Turn left of Village Drive and the Heather Garden is on your left between a service road for the hospital and the emergency entrance.


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