Escaping to the Coast for a fog-free day

Siltcoos Lake

Siltcoos Lake from the boat landing

It has been my experience that one of the best times to visit the Oregon Coast is in the winter. It seems that the gloomier and drearier it is in the Willamette Valley, the nicer and more beautiful it is on the Coast. Take today for instance; when we left Cottage Grove it was foggy, damp, and oppressive. By the time we reached Florence it was 52 degrees and the sky was a clear blue. I traded my polar fleece scarf for my sunglasses as we drove along Highway 101.

On the mid-Coast, it was sunny and beautiful all day long, even as we explored around Siltcoos Lake, the largest lake on the Oregon Coast. When we hit Cottage Grove this evening, we were again enveloped in fog.

I’m glad we got away.

Blue Heron at Siltcoos Lake

A blue heron hunts along the shore of Siltcoos Lake

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  1. Jan Bartunek says:

    It was beautiful in Bend too. Not a cloud in the sky and about 57. I even took a ride with the top down on my little car. Life is good!

  2. We are headed to the coast tomorrow for three days!

  3. Nice that you got away from the dreary. It’s also nice to be on the coast in the winter when it’s more desolate, away from the summer crowds and activity.

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