Fall Comes to Row River Nature Park


Turtles basking in the sun at Row River Nature Park.

Turtles basking in the sun at Row River Nature Park.

With the record rains we received in September, when the sun finally broke through last week I leashed up the dogs and headed out for a sunny afternoon walk. The Row River Nature Park is a great place for walking and for enjoying our local wildlife. Over the weekend we enjoyed it on a couple separate occasions. Of course, we were not the only ones enjoying the sun shine. Many turtles were taking advantage of the warmth and, now that the ponds are full of water again, the birds are beginning to gather at the park and were taking advantage of the sunshine as well.

Birds enjoying the Row River Nature Park.

Birds enjoying the Row River Nature Park.

Like everywhere else, fall colors are coming on in earnest, and we enjoyed seeing the changing seasons as we walked.  We find the Row River Nature Park to be a quick and easy get-away in Cottage Grove. If you spend time in Cottage Grove, where do you go to enjoy a walk?

Northern Alligator Lizard
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  1. Great photos, Colette! Looks like its time for us to get down to Cottage Grove. Enjoy the fall colors!

  2. What a beautiful spot. Thanks for sharing with us!


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