Mapleton Wigwam Burner

In 1968 there were an estimated 376 Wigwam burners in Oregon, and the Register Guard reported that at one time, there were over 200 in Lane County alone. Of course, now there are far fewer than that. I have been unable to determine how many wigwam burners are still left. In 1982 there were six in Douglas County, so far, I have only been able to verify two (though I’m still looking!). I’ve also been able to locate two in Lane County, including this one in Mapleton, at Davidson Industries.

Wigwam burner in Mapleton, Oregon.

Wigwam burners were phased out in the 1970s — a combination of stricter air pollution regulations and the realization that the “waste” being burned could be put to valuable use elsewhere (to create particle board, bark dust for landscaping, charcoal briquettes, and wood pellets, for example). In these photos you can easily see the mesh screen that was used to keep sparks and embers from escaping as the wood waste was being burned.

The Mapleton Wigwam burner is located on the south side of Highway 126 just 4 miles west of intersection at Mapleton. I have not been able to find out much information about this wigwam burner but it appears to be appreciated by its owners.

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  1. Great photos! Good luck finding more of the wigwams, Colette. I’ll let you know if I see any in my Northwest travels.

  2. Jan Bartunek says:

    I have passed that one many times. Is there still one in Drain?

  3. v Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and information. Have you ever done an exhibit with your art, photos, information? Might be a great showing for the Springfield Museum?? I am on the Board there as Secretary and volunteer on Tuesday afternoon, if you might be interested.
    Enjoying these things of the past, brings back great memories of trip to Heceta, seeing Davidson Industries when it was in full swing.
    Once again thank you for your wonderful photos and information. I know a few old loggers and will see if they know where anymore of these might be found …. thanks again.

    • Thanks for the lovely comments Sharon! I’m not a photographer — just a woman with a camera — however, once I feel like I’ve found all of our remaining local wigwams, it might be fun to see all the photos come together in one place. I would love to have any leads on remaining wigwams — we’ve found a couple more, and just need to get out to take some photos of them.

  4. I’m assuming the other Lane County Wigwam you reference is the one in Jasper?

    • Hi Brad. At the time, I think I was referring to the wigwam burner here in Cottage Grove — although it is made of concrete not metal. Since then I’ve heard of wigwams in Jasper and Swisshome. I’ve found both of those on Google maps but haven’t been out to see them personally myself. That brings our running total up to four!


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