Flowers along the Trapper Creek trail

The Trapper Creek Trail was beautiful in mid-August. It is a highly recommended trail merely for the views of Trapper Creek and the scenic forest that you hike through. A bonus for me were the wildflowers. I was surprised by the number we saw in mid-August (a time when I usually assume that wildflowers will be dormant).

Little Pipsisewa

We saw a few Little Pipsisewa (Chimaphila menziesii). These were along the lower portion of the trail and I did not see many, making me wonder if it prefers a slightly lower elevation.
We often saw Twinflowers (Linnaea borealis) along the banks of Trapper Creek. This small flower enjoys the moistness there and often grows in clusters or mats making it easier to find and see.

Twin Flower



The find I am most excited about are the “Pinesap” (Monotropa hypopithys). We saw numerous clumps along the trail. This fascinating plant does not have leaves and so it does not get its nourishment from photosynthesis; instead it lives on fungi that are associated with the roots of specific trees. This is apparently a rather rare wildflower as it took me a while, and numerous searches to locate its name.


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