Fall Birds at Row River Nature Park

There’s nothing like spending a beautiful fall morning outside amongst the birds. I enjoyed this morning with the birds down at the Row River Nature Park. It was cool out — in the high 30s — but as I walked with my dog the sun started to warm the air and the birds became increasingly more active.

The Canada Geese have again flocked to the ponds. Typically, large flocks will stay at the ponds throughout the winter, until they start to split off into pairs again next spring.

A flock of Canada Geese at the Row River Nature Park.


Mixed in with the Canada Geese was a lone Greater White-fronted Goose. This is the first time I’ve seen this type of goose at the ponds, and I’ve since learned that they spend their summers in the tundra of Alaska, but sometimes in the winter they mix with flocks of Canada Geese.

A lone Greater White-Fronted Goose.


There are often small flocks of American Coots at the ponds, as there were this morning….

A flock of American Coots


… but this fall they have been joined by a few Hooded Mergansers. These small birds are shy and leery of people and so harder to get photos of. As with other types of Mergansers, the males (with the white) and the females (with the brown-tuffed head) look totally different from each other.

A male and female Hooded Merganser.


I spent much of the morning watching and listening to the water fowl as they talked softly to each other and splashed in the water both bathing and diving under to feed. However, there were plenty of other birds in the park — many Northern Flickers, a Pileated Woodpecker, Juncos, a Kingfisher, Great Blue Herons, and some type of hawk — but those fast birds are much harder to photograph.

Oak Galls
Mapleton Wigwam Burner


  1. Looks like another beautiful day here in Oregon. Thanks for sharing your photos as I really enjoy seeing them .. almost like being there.

  2. Jan Bartunek says:

    I am loving your blog. Such great pictures and words that make you relax and see the world so differently.
    Thanks for sharing your happy moments.

  3. Janet Best says:

    Loved this! I didn’t realize the diverse amount of fowl there were in CG area. All we have are Canada Geese here. I’m hoping the Snowy Owls return this year.

  4. It was a beautiful morning at the ponds, that’s for sure. Thanks for the nice comments.


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