Drain Wigwam Burner

Wigwam burners are a quickly disappearing reminder of our timber history. At one point, they were known for spewing thick smoke into the air as they were used to incinerate wood waste in logging yards. Now, like our covered bridges, they are a reminder of our recent past. Although, unlike our covered bridges, there appears to be no organized movement to preserve them. For me, the wigwam burner just east of Drain is iconic of those I grew up with.

Smith River Wigwam Burner in Drain

Officially known as the “Smith River Wigwam Burner,” it was built around 1950 and last used around 1970. It is now listed in the Oregon Historic Sites Database (here).

The Smith River Wigwam Burner is located on Highway 38, just 1.5 miles east of Drain, and is very visible from the highway.

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  1. jackie wagoner says:

    There is a wigwam in Oakland. However the top is partly gone. It seems to me that as a child in Riddle I remember a wigwam outside of town. I really enjoyed your article!

  2. Thanks Jackie. I stumbled across the wigwam in Oakland a couple months ago but my pictures didn’t turn out. I hope to get back there this weekend for another go. I remember a wigwam just outside of Riddle too. Apparently it is gone now.

  3. Have you seen the wigwam burner in Broadbent? It is several miles south of Myrtle Point on the Powers highway.. At least it was there in 2012.


  1. […] You’ll merge onto Highway 38 heading west. In only 6 miles you will reach Drain (passing the Drain wigwam burner along the way). Once you reach Drain, do NOT turn right (onto west B Avenue), instead go straight […]

  2. […] that number. No one has yet cited their source or the date that it was estimated. I know when the Smith River Wigwam Burner in Drain was placed in the Oregon Historic Sites Database in 1982, it was said to be one of seven […]

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