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Long-billed Dowitcher

Every spring my challenge with this blog is to not geek-out too much on the beautiful wildflowers. My year-round challenge is to not geek-out too much on the birds, especially during fall migration. This year has been especially hard as I have been tracking the types of birds I see throughout the year (my "big year" as it were). This is one bird that I wanted to share, though, because I had … [Read More...]

Thompson's Flour Mill

Thompson’s Mills State Heritage Site: Shedd

The first time I saw a picture of Thompson’s Flouring Mill, I knew I wanted to see it in person. Later, when I learned that it is the oldest water-powered grist mill in the state and is open for tours, I knew I had to experience this historic site for myself. Located an hour north of Cottage Grove -- just outside of the town of Shedd -- the mill is easy to access. Earlier this summer, I am so glad … [Read More...]

Stillwagon Distilery

Stillwagon Distillery: Charleston

As luck would have it, two days before we left for Charleston Oregon in our quest for fresh tuna, I was in our local liquor store browsing the rum section. I am actually a wine drinker and I am still familiarizing myself with spirits and cocktails so my forays into a liquor store are usually accompanied by lots of browsing and looking as I am never sure what I need to buy, where it is, or what my … [Read More...]


Watson Falls

Dropping 293 feet, Watson Falls is the highest waterfall in Southwestern Oregon. We visited the waterfall at the end of our annual BFF camping weekend along the North Umpqua River this summer. Prior to our trip, I had seen some spectacular pictures of the near-by Toketee Falls, but I did not know much about Watson Falls and I was pleasantly surprised by what we found. Access to the waterfall … [Read More...]


Currin’s Bridge

With the Oregon Covered Bridge Festival happening in Cottage Grove this weekend, I thought it would be fun to explore the history of one of our local bridges, though admittedly, I don't know if it was ever covered. At the turn of the previous century, the Bohemia Mining District was booming and a railroad was need to take supplies up to the mines as well as bring gold and silver out. In … [Read More...]

Hikes and Walks


Spirit Falls

A hike into Spirit Falls is a hike into shadowy, moss-covered woods. Moss drips from the trees, clings to the rock around the waterfall, and covers the forest floor along the trail. The hike itself is … [Read More...]