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Lights on at Cottage Grove Museum

We love seeing the lights on at the Cottage Grove Museum with its historic stained glass windows lit up for all to see. Each of the windows in the museum -- which was originally built in 1897 as the Catholic Church -- depicts a unique symbol of Christianity. Seven of the eight windows are original and were imported from Italy over 100 years ago. In reading about the history of each window, you … [Read More...]


Thank You John Cooney

For many years, I commuted to Eugene for work every morning, Monday through Friday. Just after 7:30  on Thursday mornings, I always looked forward to John Cooney and the Natural World which played on KLCC. If you aren't familiar with the Natural World you can hear archives of the show on the KLCC website. I learned a lot from the Natural World over the years. Often the episodes left me feeling … [Read More...]


Mosby Creek Covered Bridge — Revitalized

If you've been out Mosby Creek Road these past several months or if you've recently done Cottage Grove's covered bridge tour then you know that the Mosby Creek Covered Bridge has spent the past six months covered in plastic and closed to traffic. The bridge is Lane County's oldest covered bridge -- built in 1920 -- and was in much need of some TLC. The plastic is finally gone and the bridge looks … [Read More...]

Abacela Vineyard

Tempranillo Trail

For the past 20-some years, our Thanksgiving weekend traditions have involved a day of wine tasting. Early on, we spent a lot of time in the Willamette Valley, especially the lower and mid-valley wineries, but we've ventured as far north as Dundee. Lately, though, with the current popularity of Thanksgiving weekend wine tasting, we have been heading south to the Umpqua Valley where the vibe is … [Read More...]


Wigwam Burner Questions

People who have been following this blog for a while know that I have a fascination with wigwam burners as I have written about them quite a bit over the years. And, from the comments that I get, I can tell that many of you like them too! On occasion, I write freelance articles for a local magazine called Oregon Community Connection. This past year, I've written about the wineries in Elkton, … [Read More...]

Hikes and Walks

Fairview Peak Lookout

Fairview Peak Lookout

Last weekend, I had a strong urge to “get out of town," so we loaded up our dogs and headed east toward Bohemia Mountain. Our first stop was Fairview Peak Lookout, about an hour and a half drive from … [Read More...]