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Stand By Me: Brownsville

Last year I wrote about the local, Cottage Grove filming locations for the movie Stand By Me. These locations are along the Row River Trail, which we visit often to ride our bikes or walk our dogs. Every time I watch the movie, it is fun to see places that are a regular part of our lives. For those not familiar with Stand By Me, it is a classic coming of age story set in 1959. Directed by Rob … [Read More...]


Siuslaw Interpretive Center: Florence

The next time you are in Old Town Florence, head to the west end of Bay Street and enjoy the new Siuslaw Interpretive Center. We've been watching this new park being developed for the past couple years, and during my last visit to Florence I discovered that the interpretive signs have finally been installed. Though not large, the park provides a very nice view of the Suislaw River Bridge as … [Read More...]


Upper Trestle Creek Falls

To celebrate of the first day of summer, last Saturday we loaded up our dogs and headed out for a hike. Our destination was Upper Trestle Creek Falls. Located along Brice Creek, the falls are about a 40 minute drive from Cottage Grove, and the whole hike (along with a short side trip) comes in at just about 4 miles. Immediately after entering the trailhead, the trail starts to quickly climb the … [Read More...]


Up close and personal

Last month I borrowed a very nice camera and an equally nice macro lens, then headed out to Bake Stewart Park to get up close and personal with the wildflowers out there. Actually, I took many trips to the park and spent numerous hours squatting and lying in the fields with the wildflowers... I still have an itchy rash from the poison oak to prove it. I try not to gush on too much about … [Read More...]

Fairview Peak Lookout

Fairview Peak Lookout

Last weekend, I had a strong urge to “get out of town," so we loaded up our dogs and headed east toward Bohemia Mountain. Our first stop was Fairview Peak Lookout, about an hour and a half drive from Cottage Grove. The drive itself – up the Row River Valley and then up to Bohemia Saddle – is worth the trip alone. But my favorite part was the final stretch up Fairview Peak to the lookout … [Read More...]

Hikes and Walks

Row River Trail

Row River Trail: Trailheads

The Row River Trail is an amazing asset to our community. It has been fun to explore it in depth here on the blog over the past year. For people who don’t live in the immediate area or who don’t have … [Read More...]