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Crescendo! : Eugene

Limoncello is a liqueur made from lemons. It has its origins in southern Italy and if you’ve visited Italy you may have experienced it, especially if you got further south into the boot. Luckily, you don’t have to visit Italy to have handmade limoncello, instead you just need to drive out west 11th in Eugene and visit Crescendo! We visited Crescendo! during their grand opening and found them … [Read More...]


4 Spirits Distillery: Corvallis

Walking into the door of the 4 Spirits Distillery tasting room is a lot like walking into a small museum, and there is a lot of history tied into this little distillery, from the location of the tasting room to its name. It is hard to know where to start, but we’ll begin with the location. 4 Spirits Distillery is located in Adair Village just north of Corvallis. Adair Village was once Camp … [Read More...]


Vivacity Fine Spirits: Corvallis

Walking into Vivacity Fine Spirits in Corvallis, the aroma of gin, juniper berries, Oregon grape, and other intoxicating fragrances delighted our senses. Everyone in my tasting party stopped just inside the front door, took a deep breath, and said “Wow”. Last winter at the Good Earth Home and Garden Show in Eugene, we did our first “spirits tasting” at a booth for Vivacity Fine Spirits. At the … [Read More...]


Fern Ridge Reservoir: Fisher Butte Unit

It was a beautiful fall day as I drove toward Fern Ridge Reservoir. The sun shining through the leaves created a glowing yellow tunnel as I drove down West 11th out of downtown Eugene. Even though it was mid-November -- Veteran’s Day to be exact -- my car thermometer said it was 59 degrees and the sun was glorious. I had two hours to kill in Eugene that afternoon, and I decided to spend it at Fern … [Read More...]



Sometimes we just pack a lunch, load up the dogs, and head out on a drive with no special destination in mind. Yesterday was one of those days. My only hope was that we'd see some nice fall foliage and that I might get some nice photos. We did see nice foliage, but best of all, we stumbled upon a heli-logging operation -- something I've never seen before. It started when we heard the … [Read More...]

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Trapper Creek

Trapper Creek Trail

The Trapper Creek Trailhead lies 78 miles east of Cottage Grove (just over 1 1/2 hours drive time) and hiking here makes an excellent day trip. I had the pleasure of exploring this trail with a … [Read More...]