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Prune Hill Sawmill

Prune Hill Historical

Prune Hill is about seven miles east of Saginaw and is the site of the first Booth Kelly Sawmill. I'll be up-front at the start of this post, I'm not a mill historian or knowledgeable about Booth Kelly. However I do like great pictures that tell a story. Earlier this summer, when searching for historical information about Marten Flume (which I couldn't find), I found some great photos of Prune … [Read More...]


Grants Pass Get-Away

Earlier this summer, we stumbled across J. Scott Winery in downtown Eugene which sources many of their grapes from vineyards in the Applegate Valley in southern Oregon. We fell in love with the wines – especially the Albarino – and knew we wanted to explore the area in person, some day. When the opportunity for a long weekend recently opened up, we decided to head south to see what we could … [Read More...]


Coyote Creek Covered Bridge

Built in 1922, the Coyote Creek Covered Bridge used to be part of Territorial Road, a major secondary road system that crisscrossed the valley in the mid- to late-1800s. The bridge was bypassed when a more direct highway route was established and trucks became too heavy. Now Coyote Creek Covered Bridge is tucked just off of Territorial Highway at such an angle that many people miss it as they … [Read More...]


Crawfish Lake Trail

Lately, one of my aims has been to explore the Brice Creek area and -- especially -- to get off the beaten trails. Of course Brice Creek Trail is always beautiful and Trestle Creek Trail is popular for good reason, but when I look at a map I see there are many more trails around Brice Creek. Where do they all go? I've often wondered. Early this year, my curiosity led us to Parker Creek … [Read More...]


Marten Flume Trail: Brice Creek

For me, part of the joy of hiking is exploring trails I haven't been on before. Sometimes we return to an old stand-by, but usually when we want to go hiking, we pull out the map and look for a new place to explore. This is how we found Martin Flume Trail. Marten Flume Trail (# 1419A) is a short loop trail near Brice Creek across the road from Lund Park. The trail is actually just a narrow path … [Read More...]


Paddling Dorena

I love getting out in our canoe. The world looks and sounds different when you're out in the middle of a lake or gliding along a shore line. This summer, we have been fortunate to paddle in some amazing places. Sometimes, though, it is nice to stay closer to home: to get out, paddle, and get home in just a couple hours.... that is when Dorena Reservoir comes in handy. I've seen people launch … [Read More...]

Cottage Grove

Dorena Bridge

Dorena Covered Bridge: Fall Color on the Row

  The fall colors are beautiful right now, and opportunities to see them are waning as the rains are starting to set in. We recently took a drive up the Row River to enjoy the turning leaves. … [Read More...]