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A table created by Randy Deering of Apple Pie Antiques

Metal-Topped Tables at Apple Pie Antiques

Randy and Susie Deering stumbled across the idea for creating distressed metal-topped tables quite by accident. As they tell it, about 10 years ago, as they were unloading goods at an antique show, their aged galvanized-topped display table sold before they could even get it unloaded. Intrigued with the idea of creating more tables like it, Randy built on his 35 years of experience in furniture … [Read More...]


Merlin and Murphy Wigwam Burners

My blog posts about wigwam burners have taken on a life of their own. Every now and then the post about the "hunt for wigwam burners" will get a flurry of activity and a new set of comments, and I'll know that some where out in the world of social media it got mentioned again. Several weeks ago, Mike Machado posted photos of a wigwam burner in Merlin on the Facebook group "Lost in Oregon." … [Read More...]


Backyard Birds

My backyard has been alive with birds lately. Every time I fill my seed feeders, they get swamped with finches and, sometimes, there are so many juncos feeding on the ground that at a quick glance the earth appears to be moving. Generally, I don't "dead head" my gardens in the fall, instead I let the spent flower heads go to seed. Over the winter, these natural seeds have been feasted on by the … [Read More...]

Wigwam burners in Sweet Home, Cottage Grove, and Oakland.

Remnants of the Past: Oregon’s Lumber Icons

Wigwam burners -- those towering structures which used to incinerated waste at our local mills -- once speckled the landscapes of timber towns throughout the Pacific Northwest. Cottage Grove had numerous wigwam burners, including one standing where the Safeway store is now and another alongside River Road, not far from the Chambers Covered Railroad Bridge. We still have one wigwam burner … [Read More...]


Crawfish Trail #1421

For years as we've driven up Brice Creek Road, I've noticed the trails leading off to the "other" side of the road, away from Brice Creek. I've always wondered where these trails go. The other day, we found out. With an afternoon available and no specific plans, we headed up to Brice Creek and randomly stopped at the first trail heading off to the south ... away from Brice Creek. We wound up on … [Read More...]


Crescent Lake Resort

For a week we watched the weather forecast for the Cascades. Every day it was the same ... rain. We had plans to meet a friend at Crescent Lake Resort for lunch, chatting, and hopefully, a nice walk. I wasn't excited about the prospect of rain, but it did mean the roads would be clear. And, when it comes to lunch and chatting, we can easily cope with some rain. What we found was completely … [Read More...]

Cottage Grove

Lynx Hollow Park along the Coast Fork of the Willamette River

Lynx Hollow Park

Just outside the community of Walker (approximately 5 miles north of Cottage Grove) is a small day-use park which I think few people know about – Lynx Hollow Park. As part of the Willamette … [Read More...]