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Yesterday’s Adventure: Book Review

I admit, I am addicted to books. While computers and the internet are definitely good friends, my true love is a good book. So, it is no surprise that the other day, when I realized I was going to have some free time on my hands, I stopped by the library for a book. In just a few minutes, I emerged cradling a short stack. One of those books was "Yesterday's Adventure: A Photographic History of … [Read More...]

Snag Boat Bend: Finley National Wildlife Refuge

We were welcomed to Snag Boat Bend with the sound of bird song. From the time we opened our car doors, until we closed them again to leave, bird song was our constant companion. Part of the Finley National Wildlife Refuge, Snag Boat Bend is operated with the same conservation goals, to protect the winter habitat of the dusky Canada goose. When we visited a couple of weeks ago (in late March), … [Read More...]

Ahoy Matey! Tall Ships in Coos Bay

The sound of cannon fire ricocheted off the building behind us while the smell of gun powder drifted across the bay. The two ships, each at full mast, maneuvered through the water, one taking a tight turn and firing again. Once the boom subsided, I could hear the crew shouting orders and the mateys yelling taunts. This was my introduction to the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain. Each … [Read More...]

cgFEAST: Building a healthy food system in Cottage Grove

Last April, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Cottage Grove hosted its annual Meet My Farmer event. Vendors and participants packed the main hall promoting and discussing a wide variety of food-related activities. A woman passed out leaflets promoting a local community garden, a farmer discussed her raw milk and the share system she used to sell it, Saginaw … [Read More...]

Canoeing Fern Ridge: Shore Lane Park

With the bits of sunshine we've been having lately, thoughts of canoeing have been dancing in my head. It'll be a couple months until we haul our canoe out again, but that doesn't matter, there's a great canoe spot up at Fern Ridge Reservoir I haven't told you about yet. Shore Lane Park, off of Clear Lake Road, is usually a pretty quiet place and the easy slope into the waters of Fern Ridge … [Read More...]

Siuslaw Pioneer Museum: Florence

Old Town in Florence is usually abuzz with tourists enjoying the shops, restaurants, and views of the Siuslaw River along Bay Street. For me, part of the charm of Old Town is the sense of history that I get as I walk down the street or dine in one of the restaurants. Located in the heart of Old Town is the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum. I've heard a lot of good things about this museum, so last month … [Read More...]

Cottage Grove

Marten Flume Trail: Brice Creek

For me, part of the joy of hiking is exploring trails I haven't been on before. Sometimes we return to an old stand-by, but usually when we want to go hiking, we pull out the map and look for a new … [Read More...]