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Padding the Nest

The past several weeks, I've loved watching as spring has set firmly upon us. The trees have turned a chartreuse green and their leaves glitter in the morning sunshine. The wildflowers are beginning to polka-dot the forest floor as well as the oak prairies. Canada Geese are honking their way north, usually I hear them well before I see the long V-shaped lines cross the sky. Many of the birds … [Read More...]

Calypso flower in bloom

Calypso Flower

During our walk along the Schwarz Campground interpretive trail, I discovered that the Calypso flowers are currently in bloom. These are one of my favorite wild flowers (although, admittedly I have many favorites!). This delicate looking plant is a native orchid. And although it is depends on a specific fungus in the soil to grow, we must have a lot of that fungus in our local woods because I … [Read More...]


Schwarz Campground Interpretive Trail

Tucked into Schwarz Campground, just over 5 miles east of Cottage Grove, is a sweet little nature loop trail which I suspect few people know about. We discovered it ourselves quite by accident. Part of the trail is incorporated into the road system of the campground, it also follows along the base of Dorena Dam through Dorena Prairie, then has a nice jaunt through the woods. The whole way it is … [Read More...]


Charmed by Brownsville

Established in the 1840s, Brownsville is a small, rural town about 50 miles north of Cottage Grove. Today it has a population of just under 1,700 people, but while it might be slight in human numbers it is big in charm and friendliness. Lately, I have been doing a little freelance writing for a regional magazine called Oregon Community Connection. They asked me to write an article on the filming … [Read More...]

Brumbaugh Cmetery

Brumbaugh Cemetery

Brumbaugh Cemetery is pretty much your typical, small cemetery set along a rural Oregon road. The land was donated by Samuel Brumbaugh, an early resident of the Walden area just east of Cottage Grove. Additional land was later donated by Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Land and the Booth-Kelly Company who donated an acre each. Though the sign at the front says this cemetery originated in 1871, the book Golden … [Read More...]

Hikes and Walks

Turtle at Row River Nature Trail

Row River Nature Park: Walking Path

The Row River Nature Park (previously known as East Regional Park) lies on the east side of Cottage Grove. We began walking our dogs here when we first moved to the area 14 years ago. Since it is an … [Read More...]