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North Umpqua Trail

Hiking the North Umpqua Trail

Every summer I get together with my old college roommate for our annual BFF camping trip. Since my friend lives in Klamath Falls and I live in Cottage Grove, we find a campground roughly halfway between us and plan to spend 24 hours hiking, swimming, talking, and laughing together. Over the years, we’ve camped at Davis Lake, Odell Lake, and Waldo Lake all along Highway 58. This year when my friend … [Read More...]

The Strawberry Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to the John Day Valley

Getting Out of Town: John Day, Oregon

I’ll admit at the start of this post that my roots run deep in the John Day Valley in Eastern Oregon and it has been common for me to head over there every year or two to see family. This most recent trip, however, was a bit different because we “played tourist” more than we usually do. The city of John Day (population 1,850) lies along the John Day River in the heart of Grant County. The local … [Read More...]

Opal Whiteley Sculpture

Ellen Tykeson: Artist

I have always been intrigued by the sculpture of Opal Whiteley in the Cottage Grove library. Opal looks so happy running with the butterflies in our local forests (or, at least, that is how I interpret it). The artist who created Opal, Ellen Tykeson, calls it a “tribute to joy,” and it beautifully conveys this. It was by accident the other day when I came across Ms. Tykeson’s website. Ms. … [Read More...]

Positioned along the McKenzie Highway, Sahalie Falls are a popular stopping stop for travelers.

Sahalie and Koosah Falls

During a recent drive along the McKenzie River Highway, we stopped at both Sahalie and Koosah Falls to stretch our legs and take photographs. Of the two falls, Sahalie Falls is the most popular stopping point for travelers. This 73 foot tall waterfall is near the head of the McKenzie River (which originates at Clear Lake just a couple miles upstream), and you can hear the thundering water as you … [Read More...]


Stand By Me: Brownsville

Last year I wrote about the local, Cottage Grove filming locations for the movie Stand By Me. These locations are along the Row River Trail, which we visit often to ride our bikes or walk our dogs. Every time I watch the movie, it is fun to see places that are a regular part of our lives. For those not familiar with Stand By Me, it is a classic coming of age story set in 1959. Directed by Rob … [Read More...]

Hikes and Walks

Yellow Bells.

Wildflowers at Catherine Creek: Columbia River Gorge

Dreaming about spring and spring wildflowers? I am! Since I'm in the mood for wildflowers, I thought I'd share some photos I took a couple of years ago (March 2010 to be exact) on two different … [Read More...]